Gas station network

Customers who choose GRAND PETROL filling stations stay with us forever after the first refuelling. Regardless of the car brand or model, whether it is brand new or has several tens of thousands of kilometres on the dashboard, the highest quality of ORLEN Lietuva fuel remains unchanged! We won't waste your time by once again emphasizing how important it is to refuel with high-quality fuel but just be happy for you when your car rewards you with trouble-free operation, especially now, when mobility is particularly important!

The GRAND PETROL filling station chain ensures that every customer can appreciate the fuel produced by ORLEN! We cannot fail to meet the expectations of our customers, so our petrol and diesel fuels meet strict European standards. Our customers truly value their cars, because when it comes to truly high-quality fuel, there is no room for compromise!

Why choose GRAND PETROL:
We have nothing to hide: the certificate of origin is publicly available
Several types of fuel: DF, DF+, 95, 95+, 98, 98+
Fuel cards
We guarantee quality: we analyse the fuel in the laboratory twice a month
We keep the contaminants out: when draining petrol, at the pump and in the pipelines
+38 (044) 451-45-38
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