What way are Appolo 11, the first Woodstock, Nixon Doctrine, Internet, and UkrAVTO alike? First, it’s the date – 1969.

In the late 1960s, personal cars ceased to be a luxury and grew readily available. This is when Zaporozhets economy car that got numerous pet names and had been extremely popular for decades, was born.

But! In 1969, when the first human stepped over the lunar surface and computers learned to communicate, the Central office of maintenance and repair was founded. The office managed seven regional production departments and over fifty service stations. This organization is considered to be the forbearer of the company known as Ukrainian Automobile Corporation.

Over the years, customer preferences and needs have changed, while systems and even countries transformed. 

In 1989, amid global changes, the Office was reorganized into Autoservice Ukrainian Leasing Manufacturing Group. It unites 7 regional production departments, 25 regional facilities, 105 service stations, and 90 auto parts sales shops.

The next few years became a critical stage in the history of the 1/6 Earth's upland.  

Ukraine achieved its independence and nationhood. And systemic changes have affected the national auto giant as well. 1992, the company was transformed into Ukrainian Automobile Corporation JSC, briefly named UkrAVTO.

New times required new solutions for businesses and customers. Therefore, with the direct involvement of UkrAVTO, modern models of global automotive brands became available to Ukrainians. The first official Toyota and Nissan cars became available to Ukrainian customers for the first time thanks to theUkrAVTO Corporation.

A company with ambitious plans heeded a partner versed in cars like no other in the world. In fact, this partner invented and patented the car. That year, the UkrAVTO Corporation became the exclusive importer of Mercedes-Benz cars and the representative of Daimler AG in Ukraine.

Over time, customer requirements have also changed. And the company establishes two joint ventures: Autosummit LTD, the first official distributor and the largest dealer of Toyota in Ukraine, with Sumitomo Corporation, and"Autocentre Holosiivskyi, the first official distributor and the largest dealer of Nissan in the country, with Marubene Corporation.

The distribution company "ZIP-Auto" is established to provide spare parts to the network of UkrAVTO car service centers.

UkrAVTO is constantly developing while offering the Ukrainian market new auto brands, both local and international. The Corporation rapidly expands its network and car product range to meet customer needs. Ukrainian buyers can purchase commercial vehicles, buses, and new foreign cars. At the same time, a network of car dealerships and service companies is developing.

Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant is the enterprise that actually established the high-tech industry of automotive manufacturing in Ukraine. The UkrAVTO Corporation became a shareholder of the only plant in Ukraine with a full production cycle: from sheet metal to a fully operational car.

The potential of the Ukrainian enterprise, designed to produce about 150,000 cars annually, receives a worthy assessment from potential world-famous partners: models from the GM DAT and Opel AG concerns appear on the assembly lines at the Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant.

The "Trans Capital" company was established and eventually reorganized into the international forwarding company "ASKA Expedition" with its own fleet of vehicles.

The "Ukravtoleasing" company was established.

The Ukrainian automotive market was growing and developing, and customers were demanding affordable cars. To ensure that more Ukrainians gain the opportunity to drive a new car they own, the UkrAVTO Corporation entered into a contract to distribute and subsequently manufacture Chery cars, which rapidly gained enduring popularity in Ukraine.

The "Express Insurance" company was established.

The insurance company "Express Insurance", a part of the UkrAVTO group of companies, gets state registration and the first ten licenses to conduct insurance activities. A network of representative offices begins to form.

Cooperation between UkrAVTO Corporation and Daimler AG is deepening. As a result, the Corporation gains an honorary right to represent Mercedes-Benz in the countries of Central Asia. The first country to launch an official Mercedes-Benz dealership is Kazakhstan.

The global financial crisis forced many to adjust their plans, and big businesses were no exception. However, as the saying goes, any crisis brings not only losses but also opportunities. This approach enabled the UkrAVTO Corporation to establish a successful partnership and become a distributor ofthe South Korean automaker KIA.

«Express Insurance» becomes an associate member of the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine.

The UkrAVTO Corporation gained the status of an official importer of two Italian brands. Showrooms featuring Maserati cars and Ducati superbikes greeted their first Ukrainian customers.

The Automobile House Ukraine – Mercedes-Benz dealership, a one-of-a-kind concept showroom in Ukraine that complies with the latest standards of the German concern, brings an opportunity to enjoy the benefits offered by the AMG Performance Center to all automotive art connoisseurs. 

A new ZAZ A08 suburban bus model debuts. Its production has already been mastered at the ZAZ plant.

The UkrAVTO Corporation completed negotiations with partners successfully and became the official distributor of the South Korean brand Ssang Young.

Express Insurance enters the TOP 5 for CASCO premiums for the first time.

Following a long break, the well-known and popular Geely car brand returned to the Ukrainian automotive market thanks to the UkrAVTO Corporation. A chain of Geely service centres was launched in regional administrative centres.