Car Service

When you service your car regularly, you ensure that it brings you positive emotions, does not go back on you, and rides the whirlwind in situations where every minute counts. UkrAVTO looks to it that after you first visit our car service centre, you become more than a client for us.

Technological excellence, repair, and maintenance services in tune with the automotive manufacturers’ requirements, access to databases, and staff who never stop learning and increasing their skills and qualifications are the stems of the UkrAVTO service centre network!

After all, you must be sure that when you accredit your car care and repair to any of the UkrAVTO car service centres, the service quality remains unchanged, and your car feels homey.

Why clients choose us:

We continued providing repair services when the war started.


We use professional equipment and tools only.


We are well-versed in cars and maintenance intricacies.


We use original spare parts and materials.


Our car service centres operate in all regions of Ukraine. We are where it is convenient for You.

We bear warranty obligations to You.
We thank everyone through our Drive2U loyalty program.

Our auto service centres provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services.

Repair and maintenance services

The UkrAVTO network of car service centres serves more than 500 cars daily or more than 15,000 vehicles monthly. Our grateful clients who command our repair and maintenance services know that UkrAVTO technicians strictly comply with all technological requirements and standards of the world’s automotive leaders. Modern diagnostics equipment and professional tools in the holdfast of our qualified service specialists make you confident in your car!

Body Repair

Whatever happens – whether the body needs polishing after the winter season or your car requires complex repairs, body geometry restoration or element replacement – UkrAVTO will do everything to ensure you get back behind your car's wheel and regain mobility as soon as possible. Our clients know that! We take care not only of your car because trusting your partner means more than just car restoration.

Spare Part

Last year alone, UkrAVTO car service centres repaired and restored more than 90,000 customer cars. By any measure, original spare parts are a must for refined repair and maintenance service. Thus, we ensure every client can choose, order, and purchase spare parts certified by automotive manufacturers. That means you can be confident your car will not fail when you opt for UkrAVTO services!

Maintenance cost

Maintenance with no surprises or suddenness means not merely the ability to make an appointment in advance – since your time is a true value for us – but also an opportunity to plan a budget. Use the maintenance cost calculator to get approximate prices, and our service team looks after the rest. You can savour your coffee while waiting for your car.

Corporative Clients

Each client is important to us, and we pay individual attention to everyone. We do understand that a car empowers our clients to move freely! We also understand that when a company owns a vehicle fleet, the business's success depends very heavily on whether the vehicles are in a running condition. Among the UkrAVTO corporate clients are large, medium, and small businesses, but regardless of the scale, the high quality of service and individual approach remain unchanged.

Loyalty Program – Drive2U

The Drive2U family embraces more than 180,000 clients. And UkrAVTO thanks them for their trust whenever they visit our car service centres. 96% of satisfied customers are not a reason to rejoice. On the contrary, this challenges self-improvement. The quality of the work and services rendered and how we serve our clients should make them say when they leave our car service centre: "It's okay. I am 100% satisfied".

Guarantee for works performed

UkrAVTO is answerable to every client who comes to trust. Indeed, what could be more valuable than trust and partnerships built over the years? We will never leave you alone with a problem we can and should eliminate! We can take responsibility and fulfill warranty obligations because we are in a business where the client comes first!

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