Car Service

Your car’s timely maintenance is a guarantee that it will give you only positive emotions, and won’t let you down when time is of the essence. UkrAVTO Corporation makes sure that when you come to our service centres for the first time, you become more than just a customer.

Modern equipment and tools, repair and maintenance following the guidelines of car manufacturers, access to databases and, of course, staff who never stop learning and improving their skills! All of this is true for the chain of service centres operated by the UkrAVTO Corporation!

After all, you must be certain that when you entrust your car to a service centre operated by the UkrAVTO Corporation, the quality of work and services endures, and your car feels "right at home".

Why choose us:

We have never stopped providing repair services since the beginning of the war


We use only professional equipment and tools.


We know cars and the intricacies of their maintenance.


We use original spare parts and materials.


Car service centres in all regions of Ukraine – we are where it is convenient for you.

We provide a warranty for our services.
We thank everyone: the Drive2U loyalty program.


Repair and maintenance

Corporation services more than 500 vehicles a day, which is more than 15,000 per month. And each of our grateful customers who receive repair or maintenance services knows that all specialists working for the UkrAVTO Corporation strictly adhere to all technological requirements and standards of global manufacturers. Modern diagnostic equipment and specialized tools in the hands of qualified service specialists allow you to feel confident in your car!

Body Repair

No matter what happens to your car body – whether it requires polishing after the winter, complex repairs to restore the body shape or panel replacement. Our customers know that the UkrAVTO Corporation is doing everything to get you back behind the wheel of your own car and mobile as soon as possible. We take care of more than your car because trusting a partner is more than just a car repair.

Spare Parts

Just over the previous year, more than 90,000 customershad their vehicles repaired and restored in the chain of service centres operated by the UkrAVTO Corporation. But high-quality repair and maintenance are impossible without original spare parts! We ensure that every customer can select, order, and purchase spare parts that are certified by car manufacturers. This means that by choosing the UkrAVTO Corporation you can be sure that your car won't let you down!

Cost of Maintenance

Maintenance with no surprises means not only the ability to make an appointment in advance, as we greatly value your time, but also the certainty of being able to plan your budget. Use our maintenance cost calculator and get an estimate, our specialists will take care of the rest while you wait for your car and enjoy a cup of coffee.

For Corporate Clients

Every client is important to us, and we have our own approach to each of them because each car means theability to move freely! When it comes to the vehicle fleet, the success of the business hinges on whether the cars can be put on the road. The UkrAVTO Corporation hasclients representing large, medium, and small businesses, but regardless of size, high-quality service and individual approach remain unchanged.

Loyalty Program – Drive2U

The Drive2U family consists of more than 180,000 customers, who get special thanks for their trust in the UkrAVTO Corporation during each visit to one of our service centres. The 96% customer satisfaction rate is not a reason to rejoice. On the contrary, it is a challenge to improve: customer care and support, quality of work and provided services, so that when leaving the car service centre, each of our customers can say – everything is fine, I'm 100% satisfied.


Accountability to the customer who trusts the UkrAVTO Corporation. Is there anything more valuable than trust and partnerships that have been built over the years? We will never leave you on your own with an issue that we can and must fix! It's a matter of our ability to take responsibility and fulfil warranty obligations because this is a business that puts the customer first!

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